""EPOurban Brochure by BRATISLAVA" "

The main aim of the EPOUrban pilot consultations in Bratislava is to foster the sustainable urban development with all its aspects (economic, social and environmental), as well as to raise the awareness about this topic. At the same time, the City Office of Bratislava is fully aware about its role to help the inhabitants in the housing renovation process, that is often complicated and requiring the multi-professional approach.

The consultation process started with the selection of experts in various fields of renovation: coming from the energy efficiency (reducing of energy demands of the building), the constructional and technical solutions, the monuments protection issues to the issues of financing and subsidies (see more information in the sheet about the pilot area). Architects, engineers, monument conservationists, landscape architects, experts in financing, ecologists, social mediator and some others have been chosen from the external milieu as well as directly from the City Office of Bratislava. The work of the consultation team started with the common meeting at the City Hall with the main purpose of introducing each other, presenting the EPOUrban project aim and improving of coordination among themselves.

The City of Bratislava prepared the series of trainings for external consultants focusing not only to the sustainable urban development and environmental friendly housing renovation but as well as with the aim to introduce the main city documents approved on the municipal level, e.g. Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the Bratislava City (document resulting from the Covenant of Mayors Initiative ), Adaptation Strategy to Climate change of Bratislava City. All these trainings and meetings met a success and lead to the fruitful discussions.

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