""Pilot Phase Actions by PRAHA" "

Prague 1st pilot phase includes the steps in the area of “Kulatý Chodovec”. It was implemented on the 9 residential buildings of this area. Typical problems of these buildings are following:

- supporting construction of typical floors is largely destructed
- steel construction in attic area has been exposed to considerable temperature differences
- frequent large cracks in the ceiling
- damaged dividing walls constructions, cracks
- damaged construction and cracks in perimeter walls
- thermal bridges
- depressed gutter pavements and building entrances
- energy loss

Individual consulting meetings were organized for all pilot cases (for all buildings) at once, thus the appointment’s documentation (list of participants, minutes) is common for all the cases. There were 5 appointment’s organized in the pilot area, rest of consultations was based on the investigation on site and individual works on documents made by consultants. Owner/Caretaker has received local Action Plan, energy efficiency evaluation, thermovisiual measurement, technical status inventory and measured indicators as compared for the buildings.

Individual meetings have following results:

1. Preparation of background documents for evaluation, extent of heating system damages, home station – replacement information
2. Indoor climatic conditions in housing units, energy efficiency measurement, cold water in common premises, periodical exchange of proportional payment distribution in line with payment distribution of housing units, consumption monitoring
3. Entering into contract with the heat supplier (terms of current agreements), possibility of placing expansion tank into heat exchanger
4.Investment schedule with regard to the heating system current condition (heater corrosion), withdrawals, information about sample evaluation outcomes
5. Consultation of the analysis detailed objectives, informing of the buildings problems with view of their technical status inventory

As final stage the consultants prepared technical status inventory of the buildings, energy efficiency evaluation, thermovisiual measurement, Action Plans drafted based on all the information gained (Housing Association were in this stage not present, it was independent work of the consultants).

2nd phase of pilot consultations is now in preparing process and will involve 10 buildings.

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