""Target Area of REV VOITSBERG" "

The region of Voitsberg/Styria consists of 5 municipalities: Baernbach, Koeflach, Maria Lankowitz and Voitsberg. In the region there are about 8.500 buildings, 86% thereof are used for housing. In the housing buildings there are 14.100 apartments, 87% thereof are used as the main residence. The percentage of one person apartments (singles) is 31,8% of all households typical for urban regions. The average size of an household is 2,3 persons. Although the population is decreasing from 1991 to 2006 (31.220 to 29.380), there has been an increase of households.

The target area is defined for 3 cities:

: the target areas is split up in the inner city and the outskirts; the total length is about 2 km (Grazer Vorstadt – St. Josef Church/C.v.Hoetzendorf Strasse), the inner city around 1 km;

Koeflach: target area inner city around the main roads Grazer Strasse / Hauptplatz / Judenburgerstrasse; Kaerntner Strasse

Baernbach: target area in the inner city around the main roads Voitsberger Strasse / Piberstrasse; Hauptstrasse / Dr.Niederdorfer Strasse.

The historical city centres have about 50 buildings, about 10% of closed stores, dozens unused and technically booth located residential units on the upper floors, as dozens of unused attics.

The owners of buildings in the centres of these towns are usually old families owning the shops on the ground floor. In many cases they are old aged and not interested to change the utilisation of their buildings. They also are overestimating the value of their buildings ignoring that the commercial development has already moved to the peripheral roads with easy access by car. Also this subjective view concerning the value of the building prevents also co-operation between the owners of historic buildings.

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