""Target Area of SOPOT" "

In Sopot we focus on buildings situated along the main street – Aleja Niepodleglosci (Independence Avenue), which connects the Trictiy: Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. It’s 44,5 km long and is located centrally.

Along the street 250 residential buildings are situated. They were built as seaside summer houses at the beginning of the 20th century. 118 of them are listed in the Municipal Monument List, which is one of the forms of heritage protection in Sopot. Furthermore the whole city area is listed in the Pomeranian Monument Register from 1979 as a historical urban system. Thus every single work intended on a building in Sopot requires obtaining a Heritage Conservator’s permission.

Our target area selection was first of all based on the document "Integrated plan for sustainable urban development of Sopot the years 2011 - 2015". According to the document Al. Niepodleglosci was identified as an area that needs revitalization. Furthermore it is the main street in Sopot and also it shapes peoples image of the city. Due to their location, pollution, vibrations caused by heavy traffic and high salinity, the technical state of the buildings is in decline and consequently, degradation is proceeding fast.

The identification of buildings designated to take part in the 1st pilot phase of EPOurban project was based on research in several fields of expertise:

- buildings listed in the Municipal Monuments Record;
- the state of prevention of the buildings;
- the history of repairs;
- awarded grants from the municipality aid programs;
- availability of historical documentation;
- ownership structure;

We are trying to meet the challenge by raising awareness on the aspect of heritage protection and building trust in city administration. We aim to make applying for the administrative procedures easier and faster, create a consultation system based on the actual needs of the residents. As a result of the EPOurban project we want to provide owners with a conservation survey and complex information on how to conduct renovations in the building.

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