""Municipality of Celje" "

The Municipality of Celje extends over a surface of 95 km². The city has 48.776 inhabitants. In 1991 the population of the city was 50.648. Population ageing is particularly expanded in the city centre. There are 19.528 apartments and  1.663 of them are permanently uninhabited. Demographic and social change are decisive factors imprinting on the shape and development of urban structures in the city.
The target area of EPOurban is the old city centre. There are few buildings surrounded by relatively narrow streets, accompanied by several smaller squares. There are different architectural styles with both public and private ownership.  Most buildings are treated as cultural heritage. The ground floors of the old buildings offer  facilities for different businesses. Some individuals are interested in renovation but investment costs are high. Migration from the old city centre to neighborhoods, which have been offering higher quality of life, has been a trend in the last 30 years.
The biggest problems are: low income of the owners, poor social structures of the population, population aging because of decreasing natality, owners not accepting the obligations stemming from private ownership. Additionaly, the municipalitiy does not provide the fund for additional renovation costs. Our group will try to ensure subsidies from the municipality's budget for additional renovations.
Municipality of Celje participates in all phases of the project. Municipality will participate in the development, testing and implementation of a consulting system. This system will help the owners of private buildings to prepare the reconstruction projects. It will also advise them about the possibilities to obtain financial assistance for reconstruction and integration of these activities to revitalize the old city centre. Municipality of Celje intends to organize and train a consulting team that will be able to provide free expert advice on organizing the old city centre renovations. Our participation in project EPOurban aims to motivate private owners and building managers helping them to find financial sources, and also to present the old city centre as an attractive area for inhabitants, visitors, different businesses, investors and tourists.We would also like to exchange a good practice for renovating and revitalising of the old city centre with other partners of this project.

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