""Pilot Phase Actions by LEIPZIG" "

The City of Leipzig recruited consultants by a call for the expression of interest for its target areas “Georg-Schumann-Straße”,“Georg-Schwarz-Straße” and parts of Leipzig East . 48 potential consultants took part and about 30 were hired for the pool of consultants of EPOurban. Taking into consideration the results of a situation analysis concerning the pivotal fields of consultation, we searched for candidates from the fields of construction, financing, using and legal questions. In order to coordinate the practical steps during the whole consulting process the City of Leipzig installed a so called EPOurban-Manager. This person will be the first and direct contact for the house owners and will further bring them in contact with the appropriate consultants.The inspection of each pilot case started with the participation of the owner, the EPOurban-Manager, a member of staff representing the Office of Urban Regeneration and Residential Development as well as one colleague from the EPOurban-Team. The aim is to define the specific consultation demands for each case and to match this with the right expert from the EPOurban Consultantspool. Subsequently, the consultations are done by different consultants and will be coordinated and documented by the EPOurban-Manager.

In the 1st phase 17 pilot cases have been established. The main problems concern the field of constructional questions, which include mainly wood damage. Requests for the best possible, sustainable energy solutions for their buildings are the also a main focus. Another focus of these pilot cases is placed on questions of financing the refurbishment and generating subsidies.

For controlling the quality of consultation five meetings of advisory council took place. Members of this committee are responsible persons from the Office of Urban Regeneration and Residential Development for the single target areas, other Offices connected to the fields of consultation (e.g. monument conservation), the EPOurban-Team and EPOurban-Managers.

For two objects the consultation had to be stopped because of unwillingness by the private residential owner. After the consultation some actions could be initiated i.e. one owner will sell his building, other owners started renovation works by installing new sanitary fixtures and installations, renewing electric wirings and installations or fixed damaged roofs and wooden structures.

Complete project documentation was prepared for all of the buildings. The so called action plans are individual documents which consists of different papers regarding building measures, costs, financing strategies and so on.

2nd pilot consulting phase is now in progress. It involves actually 14 buildings.

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