""Pilot Phase Actions by CELJE" "

Within the EPOurban project in pilot consultation phase I. We produce action plans for the renovation of buildings, which participated in the pilot phase. Action plans are made by consultation group consisting of internal and external consultants. The Action Plan represents a set of activities and documentation provided by the consultation process and produced for each building. The Action Plan consists of the following activities:

· meeting with representatives of owners and managers of any building where we present the project and ask the owners for consensus to participate,
· consultation group work with owners and managers to view the status of the building,
· based on the visit carried out for the proposed renovation:
  o architecture
  o description of the required works with an estimated value of these works
  o energy situation and advice for building and
  o feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis
· acquisition of cultural conservation and urban opinions,
· presentation the results of consultation to private owners, include the proposal for short-term and long-term maintenance and investment plan
· make the final consultation report for the building and
· evaluation of  the quality of consultation works for their building by the owner and manager.

All 27 selected
buildings for the pilot implementation of action plans were selected according to different criteria such as interest owners for renewal, own financial resources intended for renovations, the state of the building ... Processing buildings is divided into two phases. In phase I. included 11 buildings and in phase II. 16 buildings.

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