""Target Area of BRATISLAVA" "

The selection of pilot private residential buildings aimed to identify the wide spectrum of issuesand problems that could prospectively occur in the renovation process of housing buildings in the city ofBratislava. As a historical capital city, Bratislava offers a wide range of objects in terms of building stylesas well as their technical condition. Historical buildings vary from the Renaissance and the Classicism,through the Art Nouveau period, to the 30´s of the last century. Especially after 60´s, due to lack ofhousing, many concrete panel houses were built.

These different types of buildings (historical and contemporary) led to the selection of differentpilot buildings for EPOuban project. Almost all buildings are characterized by high energy demands. Housing stock is usually managed by public housing companies and most of the buildings are in privateownership. The large number of owners or tenants complicates any actions when renovating buildings. One can mention also the low level of awareness of proper technical and nontechnical measures toreduce the environmental impact and energy demands of buildings. The consulting services of EPOurban project are not only closely linked with the European "energy" strategies - Europe 2020,Roadmap 2050 but with the concepts and policies of sustainable urban development, biodiversityprotection in urban areas etc.

The financial requirements related to the renovation are representing the topic of high interest among the stakeholders/owners of the flats in the residential buildings. The reason is simple - many of the refurbishment actions are very high cost requiring and then, as a consequence, is raising the rental fees. Consultancy has to result in the appropriate opportunities for financing or in the change of the renovation concept proposed by owners.

17 buildings took part during the 1st and 2nd phase of the EPOurban project. Within the main fields of the proposed consultancy, owners are interested in:

- energy efficiency (reducing of energy demands of the building)
- constructional and technical solutions (appropriate thickness of the insulation, details, insulation of balconies, roof insulation)
- monuments protection (ways of reducing energy demands with preserving of historical values)
- use of renewable sources (SECS - Solar Energy Conversion Systems)
- biodiversity protection (bats, nesting birds)
- financing and subsidies
- mediation between the owners (how to achieve consensus and start the renovation with acceptable increase in rental fee)

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The primary aim of the EPOurban project is to raise the awareness of proper renovation of property, regardless it is historical or contemporary building. The second challenge is to create a consultancy team operating in the future development of the city of Bratislava that can help to improve the life quality of inhabitants and can positively contribute to the sustainable urban development as whole.
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