""Target Area of BOLZANO" "

The target area is in the municipality of Bolzano. The buildings are located in 10 different urban areas in quite correspondence with the 5 city districts.  In particular, pilot cases correspond to: City Centre, Rentsch/Rencio, Oberau/Oltrisarco-Haslach/Aslago, Gries-St.Quirein/San Quirino, Vittoria Square and the Bolzano of Piacentini, Bolzano south, Via Maso della Pieve, Viale Venezia, Via Torino, Viale Druso, Passeggiate S.Osvaldo. In order to have a true reflection of the building and urban configuration in the city, buildings were chosen from the medieval town centre (the “old town”), from the rationalist urban area (the “new town”, built during the Fascist period), from the middle-upper class residential area (Gries) and from two popular residential areas in the south-east side of the city (via Torino/via Milano and Oltrisarco/Aslago).

In addition, the definition of a set of criteria supported the search of priority of pilot cases in the target areas previously mentioned. The 10 (+10) pilot cases are according mainly to:
- building typologies;
- ownership chains;
- target areas in the municipal territories;
- technical state of the building and systems;
- architectural and urban constraints (“vincoli architettonici” means constraints on the building, namely external appearance of buildings of a specified scale, size, style, construction, materials, color and decor; “tutela degli insiemi” refers to specific spatial arrangements on the historical urban patterns) - density bonus potentialities.

The launch of an open call for the selection of pilot cases was during a meeting with national and local associations of building managers and owners held in December 2012. In addition press releases was used. The self-candidatures collected in this phase wasn’t considered adequate to the scope. The subsequent phase considers a new meeting with associations (building owners and national and local associations of architects and engineers) and predisposition of letters to owners. At the end of this phase was possible the collection of 10 (+10) pilot cases. The City of Bolzano finalised the selection of Pilot cases in March 2013 during the first pilot phase of the project. The first pilot consulting phase started later in April with the first round of apartment block management meetings and the elaboration of preparation documents. At the same time, a survey was carried out to recognize the main information concerning the building and the occupants in terms of needs and possibilities.

bolzano target area 1 467x700           bolzano target area 2 700x467

Pictures of all pilot cases of PP5 are available on: http://www.gemeinde.bozen.it/urb_context02.jsp?hostmatch=true&area=75&ID_LINK=4020



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