""Pilot Phase Actions by SOPOT" "

In Sopot pilot action are focused on private residential buildings located in Al. Niepodleglosci – city’s main thoroughfare.

Base element of pilot consultation is preparation of complex conservation research with a program of conservation works with guidelines (conservation survey) for private residential buildings. Conservation survey is designed to determine the condition of the building and the causes of damage. It examines the original elements, identifies elements that should be restored and determines the appropriate technology, material and original coloring of the building. Based on this comprehensive expertise the program of conservation works will provide specific guidelines for the repair works. Conservation survey provides guidance for architects in the process of preparation project documentation and is necessary to obtain conservation permit for executing repair works. This results from the fact, that Sopot, as whole city, is placed in the Regional Registry of Monuments since 1979.

An integral element of pilot consultation process in Sopot is to provide owners and administrators with comprehensive and useful information on the proper renovation of buildings. In order to meet that challenge interdisciplinary pool of consultants was established. Its objective is to provide professional and practical knowledge of private owners of residential buildings needed to carry out repairs and renovations to their properties (administrative procedures, internal and external financing, technical support and technological etc.). Consultants supported the owners throughout the duration of the pilot phase. Consultations will include organizational and economic recommendations, as well as technical support. In order to provide comprehensive service for owners the invitation was sent to experts in the fields of: conservation, architecture, technical and technological counseling, financial and legal support.

The pilot actions in Sopot include also promotion of good practice of renovation. Good examples of proper maintenance of the historic building and the requirements of the administrative procedures related to applying for a permit to conduct repair work on historic buildings and municipal aid programs are presented.

11 tenement houses participated in the 1st pilot consulting phase of the project. For each building program of conservation works supported by conservation research of the buildings was prepared. Simultaneously, 14 information and consultation meetings for owners and administrators of residential buildings was conducted both on site and in the City Hall. The owners were very active during the consulting meetings. They willingly provided information and materials about their properties thereby actually contributing to programs of conservation work. In addition, communities that have decided to carry out the renovation in 2014, could rely on preferential treatment in awarding grants from the Municipality.

4 communities from 1st pilot phase decided on taking further steps in the process of renovating their buildings. Complete project documentation was prepared for three of the buildings, for the other one a conceptual design was made. Two buildings already obtained all the necessary permits and started renovation works.

2nd pilot consulting phase is now in progress. It involves 14 buildings.

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