""Pilot Phase Actions by VOITSBERG" "

The pilot action in the region of Voitsberg/Styria is concentrated on three municipalities - Baernbach, Koeflach, and Voitsberg – with the focus on private abandoned or residential buildings within the inner cities.

The pilot consultation in the first phase covers several steps. After a public search for interested owners the first meeting of EPOurban manager and the selected private owners was to explain the aim of the EU-project, to discuss the situation (problem analysis) and the needs of the owners and to define the following procedure. The main problems deal with renovation and restructuring, so the needed consulting service contains civil-engineering, housing market, architecture and cost-benefit analysis. According these requirements a consultant pool was established.

Within the following first audit, which was focused on introduction of the pilot cases by the manager to the local EPOurban partners, the consulting efforts were discussed together with the member of the Regional Development Association Voitsberg, representatives of the three cities and the consultants.
The next step contained the consulting meetings (2 to 3 per object) between the owners and the consultants (partly supported by the EPOurban manager) with the tasks detailed problem analysis – data collection – consulting – fixing further consultation effort. This step was accompanied by an audit to discuss and to evaluate the actual pilot situation and to determine the main focus and the additional consulting effort.

In this first phase 10 objects participated in the consultation process. For each object an action plan (also including a finance plan based on a calculation of the return of investment) was developed in a close contact between consultants and owners. As a result the owners get a comprehensive documentation of the whole process. The services by the consultants were evaluated by the owners on the one hand to make sure that the needs of the owners are hit, on the other hand to get information to improve the whole process.

The first phase was finished with an intensive discussion between the manager, the consultants and the representatives of the cities to recommend improvements for the following phase. Within the now running second consultation phase again 8-10 objects will be serviced by qualified consultation focused on civil engineering, architecture, cost-benefit analysis and housing market.

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