""Pilot Phase Actions by BRATISLAVA" "

The main aim of the EPOUrban pilot consultations in Bratislava is to foster the sustainable urban development with all its aspects (economic, social and environmental), as well as to raise the awareness about this topic. At the same time, the City Office of Bratislava is fully aware about its role to help the inhabitants in the housing renovation process, that is often complicated and requiring the multi-professional approach.

The consultation process started with the selection of experts in various fields of renovation: coming from the energy efficiency (reducing of energy demands of the building), the constructional and technical solutions, the monuments protection issues to the issues of financing and subsidies (see more information in the sheet about the pilot area). Architects, engineers, monument conservationists, landscape architects, experts in financing, ecologists, social mediator and some others have been chosen from the external milieu as well as directly from the City Office of Bratislava. The work of the consultation team started with the common meeting at the City Hall with the main purpose of introducing each other, presenting the EPOUrban project aim and improving of coordination among themselves.

The City of Bratislava prepared the series of trainings for external consultants focusing not only to the sustainable urban development and environmental friendly housing renovation but as well as with the aim to introduce the main city documents approved on the municipal level, e.g. Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the Bratislava City (document resulting from the Covenant of Mayors Initiative ), Adaptation Strategy to Climate change of Bratislava City. All these trainings and meetings met a success and lead to the fruitful discussions.

Different types of residential buildings of various periods were chosen for the EPOurban project pilot consultations. The selection of the buildings was based on the expressed interests of the private owners well as based on the personal evaluations of the city development. The open call for private owners of housing buildings was published on the Bratislava web page as well as in the widely known newspaper “SME”. In total 17 buildings took part during the 1st and 2nd phase of the EPOurban project has been chosen.

The first pilot consultation phase has been implemented on 5 buildings located in different areas of the city of Bratislava: lodging-house for disadvantaged families _ Fortuna in Dúbravka City district of Bratislava, the House for elderly people in Lamač City district of Bratislava are located in the western part of Bratislava, housing buildings on the streets Kuzmányho and Hlboká street are located in the city centre (both constructed at the beginning of 20th century). The fifth pilot housing building at Nezábudkova street is the typical “concrete panel” prefabricated building constructed after the 2nd world war. The consultancy with owners and administrators of residential buildings has been started on site with the aim of identifying the cardinal problems of the renovation process.

The information about technical stage of the building, "oral history" of the building (especially in case of protected cultural monuments), specific living habits of people occupying a particular object, their financial opportunities and many other aspects were detecting and collecting by EPOurban consultants. The main issues which have been discussed ranged from financing of the renovation, architectural design, technical infrastructure to the opportunities of mediation between owners or preserving and protection of bats and other animals. Based on these inputs, consultants proposed and elaborate repairs and renovation of buildings in line with the aforementioned sustainable development and European strategies with preserving natural and cultural values.

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The renovation plan for all buildings was elaborated in detail, especially for buildings in Dubravka and Lamač that could be considered as design plan that could serve for the preparation of renovation in the immediate future. For other three private buildings the discussion about the further steps in the process of renovation were proposed, presented and agreed.

The second pilot consultation phase incorporates 12 other residential buildings and it has a similar procedure as the described for the first phase. This phase is much more challenging because of the higher number of recipients of consultancy as well as due to the historical monuments. Actually, the second consultation phase is in progress and it is expected to be achieved at the end of October 2014.

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