""Target Area of PRAHA" "

The area of “Kulatý Chodovec” was selected for the Pilot Case for further implementation. Main problems were agreed upon with the owners association representatives and areas to be covered within the Pilot Case were identified.

The area Chodovec is just a small locality of residential block of flats in the area between Spořilov and Chodov. It includes only the installation of residential houses in the streets Klapálková, Čenětická, which are limited from the south with streets Blažimská and Keblovská – it follows here on the Hotel´s Košík compound.

Housing Association Kulatý Chodovec
The Housing Associationwas founded more than ten years ago before the completion of construction of residential buildings. Housing Association includes 9 houses (total 19 house numbers) and about 450 residential units; it is the largest Association in Chodovec. This Housing Association was chosen in the first phase of the project because it has to face slightly different problems than traditional housing associations that own panel houses from the 70th and 80th of the last century. Closer cooperation and familiarization with these issues can also prepare us for the near future in other areas of Prague in the 11th. While the classic problems of prefabricated houses are already quite well known and described, we don´t have much experiences with problems from the beginning of the 21 houses century (e.g. the reconstruction of the building envelope, with water, heat and electricity, etc.). Housing Association has problems with some poorly designed construction details, problems with water leaks in underground garages or inappropriate treatment courtyard.

“Kulatý Chodovec” location identified the following issues to be addressed within the pilot case activities:

evaluation of current condition of buildings, comparison with the lifetime of individual parts and proposal for gradual revitalization based on current situation and expected weariness
- scheduled building revitalization
- assessment of warm and cold water installations both from the technical point of view (water and valve quality) and the point of view of regulation (pressure, temperature). Proposal for heating system regulation, change and reparation of individual parts
- housing thermodiagnosis, thermal bridges, external measurements of houses as a whole
- proposal for cracked construction reparation in the 1st underground floor of garages

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