""Target Area of LEIPZIG" "

In Leipzig problems concentrate along main roads where residents are leaving, buildings fall empty and deteriorate, retail closes down and infrastructure is underused. New, integrated approaches are needed to fight these tendencies and to activate private house owners. Our target areas selection is based on the document "Integrated Urban Development Concept - SEKo Leipzig 2020 (from 2009)". According to the document the magistrals as well as the Leipzig East were identified as areas that needs revitalization and support by the project.

Therefore Leipzig has chosen Georg-Schumann-Strasse in the north west and Georg-Schwarz-Strasse in the west of Leipzig. Both magistrals show typical problems of main roads. High traffic load and its negative effects are leading to a loss of its function as magistrals. While the hinterland of the Georg-Schumann-Strasse is well developed with a high refurbishment status along Georg-Schumann-Strasse urbanistic, economic and social problems are concentrating. For the owners of the buildings who are in the majority single private owners this presents big barriers.

Another focus of the project is Georg-Schwarz-Strasse, a magistral which is connecting the city quarters of Leipzig west. On the basis of an integrated magistrals development concept involving all local stakeholders the street should be stabilized. A management where also local stakeholders are voluntary working and which is moderating all interests between stakeholders, inhabitants, administration and house owners was installed in the last years. They are important multiplicators for getting a connection to the house owners and stakeholders of our target area and also important as close co-operators for the EPOurban project.

The identification of buildings designated to take part in the 1st pilot phase of EPOurban project was based on research in several fields of expertise:

- buildings are listed in the individual target area concepts;
- the state of prevention need for repairs/reconstruction of the buildings;
- ownership structure allows to get in contact

We are trying to meet the challenge by raising awareness through the private owner that there is a need for action on his building. Our goal is the creation of a sustainable consulting system based on efficient administrative procedures in connection with external experts in different kind of fields with a focus on the actual needs of the private residential owners. As a result of the EPOurban project we want to enable the owners to make the right decisions for their buildings.

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